The Best Sport Training Program in the South Bay Region

Academic-Athletic Incentive Program

The goal of the AAIP is to use athletics, soccer specifically or other sport, as an incentive for participating students to achieve or maintain a grade point average of 2.5 and above and to improve their college eligibility

Parent Professional Development Program

Successful students have parents or guardians that play an active role in their lives, especially in their academics

Summer Academies

We can expand the program to increase attendance, create a massive marketing campaign to inform the Inglewood community to a much larger extent, increase the scholarships pool for those students who met the program’s criteria and provide payment for all of the service providers who contribute to the program’s success (professional soccer athletics, tutors, counselors, director, asst. director, etc.).

L.A. South Bay F. C. is:

Improve the quality of life for the Community – keeping the children as the focal point

  • Develop positive relationships among L.A. South Bay multiracial and multicultural communities
  • Reduce gang activity in our neighborhoods
  • Make community schools more attractive to the parents & students
  • Increase college-going rates for high school in the Public Unified School District
  • Minimize dropout rates at our high school.

L.A. South Bay F. C. is:

Who is leading the Good Kids Great Communities Project?

The Good Kids Great Communities Project is an alliance of soccer coaches and adult soccer players raised and schooled in low-income working class communities in cities from the Los Angeles South Bay (e.g., Inglewood, Hawthorne, Lennox, Culver City, South Los Angeles, Torrance, Lawndale. Gardena, and Campton).

Once good kids themselves, they dared to stay good and do good. With the guidance from good adults they avoided the pressures and temptations that perpetuate the cycles of crime and poverty in their neighborhoods.

All of them share a common experience. They were mentored by a soccer coach with the conviction to keep his players safe and engaged in positive behavior, and he had the determination to push his players to get good grades and to give back to others. Many of these players are now college graduates, several with careers in professional soccer. They all have aspirations going back into their communities to do for this next generation of good kids what their soccer coach did for them, but at a much larger scale.

Next Steps…

More importantly we realized that any professional soccer league unable or unwilling to immerse itself in these South Bay communities, where soccer is king, would never be able to offer its players, nor the supporting professional staff the type of income made by pro-athletes sports.