About Us

The Best Sport Training Program in the South Bay Region

Who are we?

The Inglewood Academic Achievement Incentive Program is a partnership with L.A. South Bay F. C., and has been brought to life once more by a team of principals, educators, coaches, residents, and community-based organizations living, working, or located in the Inglewood community and the South Bay region. Our goal is very simple. It is to give students a tangible and attractive incentive that will motivate them to come to school and perform at levels that will keep them out of the at risk student population. The Academic Achievement Incentive Program, or AAIP, is a comprehensive academic-athletic program that offers participants:

  • Opportunities to attend world-class athletic training camps.
  • Opportunities to play in tournaments around the state and nation-wide during their vacation.
  • Academic support and college counseling.
  • Scholarships and other financial support for their post-secondary education.

Why use academic incentives?

Although L.A. County and the  South Bay F. C.’s goal is to make schools and college more attractive and , our mission is to create college access for all of our children. For many students, however, college and college access are concepts that are intangible and concepts they cannot comprehend. Despite knowing this, too many of us offer college as the only incentive for students to care about their education. The dropout rates and our children’s performance on standardized tests are telling us that it is time to try something new. We propose the Academic Achievement Incentive Program.

Where are we in the process?

The L.A. South Bay F. C. is a coalition of College graduates and Undergraduates is in the process of building relationships with our schools and other schools, community leaders, and community-based businesses and organizations to form a web that will provide a safety net for our children. Concurrently, we are already making preparations to initiate the program by the beginning of the summer 2019.

We already have enough resources to support our schools, but we require more if we are to make a significant change in our community. It is our obligation to provide our children with the proper emotional and environmental support they need to achieve academic success. We are seeking El Camino College support from our friends who share our vision of making schools more attractive to the children of our community. I write to you on behalf of our public school system, a system that can only work if our children come to school prepared to learn.

It is an exciting time for our Organization and partners. Many of us have been working in Region for decades with minimus monetary support and Facility access for many years to reach our current position in life. As the union grows and more partners come on board, so does our excitement. We are on the cusp of a community-driven movement that will transform our children into lifelong learners prepared for the 21st century.

What can you do?

Please consider supporting the Academic Achievement Incentive Program by Donating to our Charitable organization weconnectdots.org  

In performing any of the above, we will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about what the program has to offer and the demands of the students and families that participate.

Respectfully yours,

Chief of Operation

Mario Sanchez