20 Years Serving our Community Youth

LA South Bay F. C.’s goal is to make schools and college more attractive to our kids and our mission is to create college access for all of our children


Over 20 years of experiece
helping our athletes in the community.

Mas de 20 años de experiencia ayudando a nuestros  atletas en la communidad 

Our Coaches/
Nuestros  Tecnicos

Our mentors come from local universities, communities Colleges and our senior high school scholars.

Nuestros tecnicos y tutores vienen de nuestras universidades, colegios y preparatorias Locales en nuestra area

Support our Goal/
Apoya Nuestra Metas

by purchasing our gear and services you are help all of the program 
That is how Professional clubs get funded .

Al Comprar nuestra mercaderia tu ayudas a que los niños esten  en nuestro programa 
asi es como los clubes crean fondos.

Community Public Relations/ Relacione Publicas con la comunidad

See all of our photos gallery of events, groups  of people that have help during all this years to make this project a reality.

Nuestra Galeria de todos los eventos,  grupos , y personas que an colaborado hacer este proyecto una realidad

LA South Bay F.C.

*Opportunities to attend world-class athletic training camps.
*Opportunities to play in tournaments around the state and nation-wide during their vacation.
*Academic support and college counseling.
*Scholarships and other financial support for their post-secondary education.

* Oportunidades para asistir a campamentos de entrenamiento atlético de clase mundial.
* Oportunidades para jugar en torneos en todo el estado y en todo el país durante sus vacaciones.
* Apoyo académico y asesoramiento universitario.
* Becas y otro tipo de apoyo financiero para su educación postsecundaria


A few things we’re great at

Although L.A. County and the South Bay F. C.’s goal is to make schools and college more attractive and, our mission is to create college access for all of our children. For many students, however, college and college access are concepts that are intangible and concepts they cannot comprehend. Despite knowing this, too many of us offer college as the only incentive for students to care about their education. The dropout rates and our children’s performance on standardized tests are telling us that it is time to try something new. We propose the Academic Achievement Incentive Program

Algunas cosas en las que somos geniales
Aunque el objetivo del condado de L.A. y South Bay F.C. es hacer que las escuelas y la universidad sean más atractivas y nuestra misión es crear acceso a la universidad para todos nuestros niños. Para muchos estudiantes, sin embargo, la universidad y el acceso a la universidad son conceptos intangibles y conceptos que no pueden comprender. A pesar de saber esto, muchos de nosotros ofrecemos la universidad como el único incentivo para que los estudiantes se preocupen por su educación. Las tasas de abandono y el rendimiento de nuestros hijos en las pruebas estandarizadas nos dicen que es hora de probar algo nuevo. Proponemos el Programa de Incentivo al Logro Académico

Academic Support

We already have enough resources to support our schools, but we require more if we are to make a significant change in our community. It is our obligation to provide our children with the proper emotional and environmental support they need to achieve academic success. We are seeking El Camino College support from our friends who share our vision of making schools more attractive to the children of our community. I write to you on behalf of our public school system, a system that can only work if our children come to school prepared to learn.

Athletic Support

Pura Tecnica Futbol is supporting  develop players knowledge of the game through “search and discovery”. We use guided questions to stimulate the player’s mind to all the possibilities the game can give them. We use the 5 W’s (What, Where, Who, When, Why).

Parent Education Support

CTD Developmnet Services is empower families attending public schools in low-income working class communities with the know-how to become business-minded, self-reliant, self-sufficient, and highly effective individuals.

Our Secret of Success


We all love different things in life but soccer/futbol and technology connects us to the world.

Nuestro secreto del exito

Todos amamos diferentes cosas en la vida, pero el fútbol / futbol y la tecnología nos conectan con el mundo.

The Secret of Success

Play Local, Regionals, State, and Nationals.

Socal Premier


Continental Soccer League

Local League


some of the best team i have seen though my years 
Algunos de los equipos que han pasado durante el tiempo


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Our Team

Meet our coaches as they transform our communities

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